I have had chronic back pain for years and since becoming pregnant, it got significantly worse. This past week, I was able to enjoy an anniversary trip with my husband in NYC where we walked at least 10 miles each day. I never imagined that I would able to have this kind of experience and actually be completely pain free.
— Jennifer

The team here truly takes a holistic approach to their practice. Together, they have helped me with digestion issues (supplements), hormonal imbalance (testing), energy, core-strength, and even connecting with other early childhood educators in the community!
— Jen

We were referred to them for our 6 week old twin daughters to correct ‘packaging problems’ that twins sometime experience. We saw immediate improvement in our daughter’s temperament and sleeping habits.
— Buckley

I started bringing my son in at just a few weeks old because of colic. Coupled with her very soothing approach and gentle adjustments, we began to see dramatic improvement in our baby in a matter of weeks. He is now a totally new baby — the happiest baby ever!
— Kaylin

Love this office!!! My daughter is a competitive dancer and Dr. Scott’s kept her in shape and has even treated her wrist/arm and achilles. He takes his time with you, makes sure you understand what’s going on and your treatment, and is concerned for your total health!
— Cinde

I’ve been seeing Dr. Morgan for prenatal adjustments and it has made all of the difference! She specializes in pregnancy and has a kiddo of her own, so I feel like I am getting authentic care. I also love that their practice is family friendly so I can bring my toddler with me to appointments without feeling like she is in the way.
— Stephanie

Dr. Scott is a caring, compassionate, thorough, and effective healing professional. He has been instrumental in helping to alleviate my back, wrist, knee, and ankle pain (former downhill skier.) I’m so glad that I was referred to this practice, it has really changed my life!
— Ellie

Dr. Scott and Dr. Morgan are awesome! I came into the office with some knee pain and concerns about some imbalances in my body and they have helped me tremendously. My knee pain has decreased almost completely and I just feel better overall with my health.
— Jared