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Dr. Scott Ihrig

Suffering from debilitating diseases, pain, allergies as a youngster started my discovering of health early. Being born in Austin and having my family here really makes it my home, after college I felt a desire to set up roots where I came from. Growing up I was a very active and competitive kid, martial arts and gymnastics was one of the joys of life, and with it came lots of injuries.


In high school I suffered from an incurable disease, multiple sports injuries, asthma, and even had a sinus infection for 7 years straight, and I could almost never breath out of my nose because I was allergic to everything they tested me for. I remember one particular time waking up in the morning with such intense pain in my abdomen that I couldn't get out of bed. When things got really bad, I couldn't eat much and was losing weight rapidly and when I went to the medical doctor they had no answers or solutions, and the medication they gave me only made things worse, with horrible side effects. I felt like I was losing my life and happiness and didn't know why. No one could help, and I was hopeless. One day something came to me, I thought  “there must be a cause,” and I began learning.

That's when my career started. Since that time I have been obsessed with the most effective means of healing the human body. I know from experience that most conditions come from our thoughts and mindset, our physical body, and nutrition and using these areas to heal myself I have experienced miraculous healing in many areas of my life, but the story doesn't end here. In college I was a competitive cheerleader and winning national titles came at a cost, the cost was my body.


At about 22 years old I would wake up every morning with such horrible lower back pain that behind the sink to brush my teeth was impossible, and when I sneezed or cough it would literally drop me to my knees because of the pain. I was going to the chiropractor at that time and it was helping to some extent to get adjusted but it was going away.


I discovered Chiropractic Biophysics, and Postural Correction, fitness, and the Fascial Distortion Model for testing muscular and soft tissue injuries.Using the same techniques I discovered in my journey I have been able to completely eliminate all of the conditions I experienced and now have the knowledge to keep my body healthy for life. That message is something that I wish every man, woman and child could experience because it has the power to completely change what it means to live a healthy and happy life. That's why I hope I get the chance to meet you.

Fun Facts:
Morgan Ihrig, my wife is really the motivation for me to be my best! We met In chiro School.
National Collegiate Champion Cheerleading
Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
You can still catch me doing flips at the tramp park!
Born at St. Davids Hospital
Assisted my wife with our home birth of our son Beckham

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Dez Rodriguez

Chiropractic Assistant Rehab Specialist.

I’ve been involved with health, wellness, exercise and nutrition for 6 years. I am passionate about Living a healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same. It’s important to take care of our bodies because they do so much for us! My goal is to be functional my entire life. I want to continue to exercise and move well while doing daily tasks. I know to remain healthy I am required to fuel my body properly and practice quality movement patterns. Being knowledgeable in these dynamics has transferred over to my Rehab position at Family Chiropractic of Austin.


Passing on helpful information and tips to patients throughout their care is exciting! When patients begin to see improvements in their balance and strength it makes me happy. I want to continue helping people reach their health goals in the office.